Riparian buffers called a ‘win-win’ for improving water quality

Rural Exchange 01/09/2018

Riparian buffers could be the answer to improving water quality and boosting productivity on farms.

Kiwi farmers have already been planting extensive riparian buffers along waterways in response to industry agreement Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord.

In order to encourage riparian planting, NIWA and DairyNZ have partnered up to research options for farmers interested in riparian buffers on their property.

The newly announced project, which will begin in September, will also investigate how nutrients can be retained on farms through practical harvesting. 

“It’s not necessarily new thinking but it’s certainly new to that New Zealand space,” said Aslan Wright-Stow, DairyNZ environment manager.

The project was inspired by hill country farmers who use prune willows and poplars to prevent erosion and feed stock during dry periods.

The three-year project will receive funding from the Government’s Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF), as one of 15 new projects recently added. 

Watch the full interview with Aslan Wright-Stow above.

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