A man with a mission: Getting 'new blood' behind the wheel

Rural Exchange 16/09/2018

Gordon Handy spent 40 years as a John Deere dealer in the South Island. That was until 12 months ago.

Now on the board of the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Mr Handy is a man with a mission to get new blood, and old, behind the wheel.

He told RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange he's trying to rejuvenate the transport industry.

We really want to attract more skilled workers into the transport industry.

Mr Handy says a truck driver shortage is affecting business productivity in South Canterbury.

“Transport industry in Timaru requires about 26 people per year - additional people.

“Getting skilled people is quite an issue," he said.

Asked what kind of people the industry is looking for, Mr Handy said they just want “good people”.

“We want good people in the industry and we really we’re really looking for professional drivers. This is a good career path for a lot of people,” he told RadioLIVE.

Watch the full interview with Gordon Handy above.

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