Alliance Group shares the reasoning behind its new logo

Rural Exchange 08/09/2018

Alliance Group has freshened up its branding to establish itself as a “food and solutions company” and better connect with its customers around the world.

The co-operative’s new identity comes just ahead of its annual farmer roadshow.

Alliance Group chairman Murray Taggart told RadioLIVE that the old logo just didn’t convey the company’s bottom line.

Alliance's new logo.

“We’re a group of farmers coming together. We’re an alliance of farmers that are grouping together so that we can send our produce out the world.”

Alliance’s red and blue logo has been replaced with black font and a simple black farm gate.

“By having the farm gate, what it’s saying is actually you’re dealing with a group of farmers here.”

Mr Taggart explained that more consumers want to feel a connection with the farmer who grows their food, and hopes that the new branding reflects that.

Alliance is a co-operative owned by more than 4,000 farmer shareholders and exports lamb, beef, venison and coproducts to customers in more than 65 countries.

Watch the full interview with Murray Taggart above.

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