New animal welfare regulations will enable stronger enforcement - MPI

Rural Exchange 09/09/2018

New regulations are being introduced to strengthen our animal welfare system.

From October 1st this year, 45 new regulations will come into effect covering a range of species and activities from farm husbandry procedures to companion and working with animals.

The goal of these new rules is to allow better enforcement of low to medium level animal welfare offending, which will allow for infringement notices or instant fines to be handed out.

Speaking to RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange, Dr Chris Rodwell touched on some of the most important changes, including "The Care and Procedures Regulations".

  1. Transporting Animals with Ingrown Horns or Injured horns, especially horns bleeding or discharging cannot be transported unless they have a veterinary certificate
  2. Transporting Lame Animals – a lame cow can only be transported if accompanied with a veterinary certificate.
  3. Transporting Animals with Injured or Diseased Udders – can only be transported with a veterinary certificate.

Other important regulations include:

  1. Electric Prodders – only can be used on cattle that weigh over 150 kg.
  2. Docking Tails – there is now a complete ban on docking any part of the cow’s tail.
  3. Castrating Cattle – any cattle over the age of 6 months must be castrated while under the influence of an appropriately placed and effective local anaesthetic.

View the full list of new and amended regulations here.

Watch the full interview with Dr Chris Rodwell above.

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