Educating and empowering women on the farm

Rural Exchange 30/09/2018

A woman’s role on the farm has changed dramatically in recent years.

North Canterbury farmer Rebekah Kelly has recently completed an Agri-Women’s Development Trust 'Understanding Your Farming Business' course.

Ms Kelly found the course gave her a “greater level of confidence to engage in all of the conversations around what it is where is doing at a strategic level on our property”.

While she assisted with farm’s accounts, the Waiau sheep and beef farmer previously felt disconnected from the farm business, particularly during the upbringing of her children.

“I was big on all the admin stuff but really wanted to come in on a strategic level and be really valuable at that level,” she told RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange.

The programme, Understanding Your Farming Business, supports women involved in sheep and beef farming to lift business performance.

It is fully funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) and helps farm women gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to help create a positive future.

Watch the full interview with Rebekah Kelly above.

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