Mycoplasma bovis suspected at New Zealand’s largest beef feedlot

Rural Exchange 08/09/2018

New Zealand's largest beef feedlot has been notified that 44 of its 16,000 cattle may have Mycoplasma bovis.

Anzco’s Five Star Beef feedlot near Ashburton is now under a restricted place notice. The 44 cows are in a pen containing around 250 animals total, which is now under quarantine.

“They were in proximity to other pens and those pens as well have to be tested just to get a better understanding at what the transmission rate might have been,” said Grant Bunting, Anzco general manager of agriculture and livestock.

The cows spend between two to eight months on the feedlot before being sent to slaughter, which Mr Bunting counts as an advantage for their notice.

"It's an issue in the same sense it is for everybody else. I guess the only advantage we have in terms of the feedlot is all our cattle are destined for slaughter anyway.”

The feedlot mostly produces Angus beef of which around 98 percent is exported, Mr Anczo estimates.

The disease is harmless to humans and is not transmitted through meat or milk. 

Watch the full interview with Grant Bunting above.

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