Ospri launches NAIT advice to boost the tool ‘up the value chain’

Rural Exchange 29/09/2018

A review of New Zealand’s animal tracing system has led to the launch of online resources and advice for farmers who use the tool.

The much-criticised National Animal Identification and Tracing system (NAIT) has been slammed for its usability, which many have said make it difficult to record animal movements.

In an effort to boost compliance and the tool’s reputation, Ospri has launched a series of online resources for farmers to learn about their NAIT obligations.  

“When farmers start to view it as a necessary tool and something they can seamlessly use, we’re going to see a far greater uptake,” said Ospri board member Fenton Wilson.

Rural Exchange host Richard Loe spoke candidly on his own experience with NAIT, remarking that he finds the system quite simple to use.

Mr Wilson agreed it’s a simple tool, but uptake is still a challenge for Ospri.  

But Loe said he believes the problem comes down to laziness.

“Some farmers have gotten lazy when it comes to NAIT. They’ve pushed it down the chain,” said Loe.

Mr Wilson responded that there’s still “some misunderstanding” for some farmers.

Ospri hopes the new advice will bump NAIT’s reputation “up the value chain”, because at the moment, Mr Wilson says it’s simply not high enough on the priority ladder.

For more information on your NAIT requirements visit, click here.

Listen to the full interview with Fenton Wilson above.

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