Government promises improved water quality in five years

Rural Exchange 14/10/2018

The Government this week announced its next steps to improve the state of our waterways, promising a noticeable improvement in water quality within five years.

Environment Minister David Parker says clean water is New Zealander’s “birth right”.

“Local rivers and lakes should be clean enough for our children to swim in, and put their head under, without getting crook,” Minister Parker told RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange.

He says the Government will be focusing on at-risk catchments so as to halt the decline.

We’re not going to leave the hard issues for future generations.

In July, a drinking water quality report released by the Ministry of Health found one in five New Zealanders are drinking from a public water supply that doesn’t meet drinking water standards.

Minister Parker says by 2020, new rules will be in place by 2020 to stop the degradation of freshwater quality.

“The rules will include controls on the excesses of some intensive land use practices. Our remaining wetlands and estuaries will be better protected."

Listen to the full interview with David Parker above.

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