Hinterland Foods wins Virgin's 'Got Beef' contract

Rural Exchange 14/10/2018

In August Virgin Australia launched the "Got Beef" campaign to find the best New Zealand beef to serve on its flights.

Forty-five farms across the country entered but one stood out. Hinterland Foods managed to herd a whole field of cattle into the shape of a giant 'Virgin' logo.

Co-owner of Hinterland Foods and Virgin Australia's "Got Beef?" campaign winner Tom Wells spoke to RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange about the big win.

We're just thrilled that Virgin Australia decided to partner with us.

"It's a real win for rural communities and small players in the New Zealand food sector," Mr Wells said.

The real work starts now, with a large supply to fill, but Mr Wells says the processes Hinterland Foods has in place has that covered.

One of the areas that Hinterland Foods excel at is telling their story on their packaging, which Mr Wells says was a massive challenge.

"Getting a product on to the supermarket shelf [involves] massive days and lots of communication. It's the first time we've done it [...] so it's a great reward to see that product on the shelves."

Listen to the full interview with Tom Wells above.

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