Maui Milk to host open day for aspiring sheep milkers

Rural Exchange 27/10/2018

A Taupo sheep milk operation is opening its doors to inform aspiring sheep milkers on how to getting started.

Maui Milk, a joint venture with expertise in sheep genetics, invites anyone who is contemplating converting their farm to dairy sheep.

Its first open day drew a crowd of upwards of 300 guests in February.

“This time we need to put some numbers on the table and start talking about the details related to productivity, profitably and supply contracts,” said managing director Peter Gatley.

A demonstration at the February open day. Photo: Maui Milk.

Mr Gatley told RadioLIVE that Maui Milk hopes to share its genetics knowledge with farmers so they can have a successful farm conversion.

Maui Milk’s sheep rake in roughly $3 per litre of milk, with some sheep producing up to 300 litres per year.

“You can see that this is worthy of further investigation,” Mr Gatley said.

The sheep milking operation is a joint venture partnership between Shanghai-based Maui Food Group and the Waituhu Kuratau Trust, with some 5000 ewes being milked twice daily across the two enterprises.

Farmers who are thinking about converting in 2019 or 2020 are advised to first think about breeding the sheep, which is low in cost but inevitably takes time.

The open day will be held at Waikino Station on 21 November, 2018. 

Watch the full interview with Peter Gatley above.

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