REDA present sustainability award in Wanaka

Rural Exchange 27/10/2018

An Italian industrial company has presented a sustainability award in Wanaka this week.

The award supports growers from New Zealand that have distinguished themselves by advancing sustainability on their farms.

Reda Group is a leading manufacturer of entirely 'Made in Italy' merino wool textiles.

The organisation's CEO Francesco Botto Poala spoke to RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange, saying that New Zealand wool growers are some of the best.

"The final consumer wants to know everything about your product. [New Zealand farmers] makes us very proud to show to show the customer."

"It's over thirty years that we're coming [to New Zealand]. Personally, I've come here over eighty times," Mr Poala says.

"We have invested in farming here. For us, it was very important that we understood farming and the farmers here."

As well as presenting the sustainability award Reda met with farmers to discuss the industry.

"We usually come here and tell [farmers] about the market, this time we changed the format - we wanted to hear from them," Mr Poala says.

"[In the future] we are going to find solutions that will be the best solution for both of us, the best solution for the future,"

"We want [farmers] to be part of the future together."

Watch the full interview with Francesco Botto Poala above.

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