Tips for machinery this spring

Rural Exchange 07/10/2018

Spring is about two things: daffodils and ducklings.

There are plenty of daffodils growing in the fields this time of year - and some have even spotted ducklings out and about with mum.

Trevor Goodeve, sales manager at Taege Engineering, joined RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange with some tips and tricks for managing your machinery this spring.

He says some parts of the country have experienced a “reasonably wet winter” which can result in pugging damage.

“The best way to sort out pug sections of paddocks, which is usually around gateways, troughs, feed out areas, is to simply run your drill as a cultivator through the affected sections in a cross-hatch pattern; in other words swipe one way, and then a swipe the other.”

Mr Goodeve explains this method will create a perfect result for planting grass seeds.

At the beginning of the season, Mr Goodeve says farmers – before using their machinery – should give them the once over.

“Check your tyre pressures because the tyres are actually the unit on the machine that gives you your depth control. So start with that,” he told RadioLIVE.

Tools of the Trade is a regular feature on Rural Exchange thanks to our friends at Husqvarna.

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