Beef+Lamb NZ launches North Canterbury Future Farm

Rural Exchange 18/11/2018

Farmers will no longer have to risk the unknown when applying new technologies and systems to their businesses, thanks to Beef + Lamb NZ's new Future Farm.

Built in North Canterbury, the Future Farm will trial new technologies and farm systems on a 1310ha hill country sheep and beef property.

The farm will operate as a fully commercial livestock farming enterprise and feature state of the art monitoring, measuring and communications technologies.

B+LNZ's general manager Richard Wakelin says the opportunity for the Future Farm is to educate farmers.

"The opportunity is for groups of farmers to visit, have a look at what we're doing and ask questions."

"We're aiming to have live feed cameras and web technology to enable [farm activity] to be witnessed as it happens."

"It's harnessing the reigns of technology and media to help with that learning," Mr Wakelin says.

Listen to the the full interview with Richard Wakelin above.

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