Massey University to launch horticulture degree in 2019

Rural Exchange 18/11/2018
Photo: Massey University

A booming horticulture industry in New Zealand has encouraged the introduction of a new course at Massey University in 2019.

A three-year Bachelor of Horticultural Science is set to begin in February, and senior lecturer Dr Huub Kerckhoffs says it couldn't be happening at a better time.

"If anything we should have done it earlier, but you have to go through the process of getting new degrees in."

The degree is a combination of hands-on and academic papers, covering all areas of horticulture from stone-fruits to vegetables and flowers.

"We've done some horticulture here at Massey, but always part of a bigger agri-science degree."

"This was the opportunity to get a new standalone degree focused on horticulture at the school.

"The industry helped us, and guided us to put it together, so there's a whole range of skills, plants, understanding consumer needs, soil, smart technologies... you name it."

"It's a good rounded mix, and graduates will come out ready to be part of that vibrant industry," Dr Kerckhoffs.

Listen to the the full interview with Dr Huub Kerckhoffs above.

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