NZ agriculture a world leader in climate change mitigation - MPI

Rural Exchange 18/11/2018
Image Credit: Getty.

An independent review has found New Zealand is a world leading in tackling greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture - at least on paper.

Neil Williams, head of MPI's Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change programme (SLMACC) , says an independent review has delivered some glowing results.

"We're extremely well recognised globally in terms of the research we've done," he told Rural Exchange on Sunday.

Mr Williams says SLMACC focuses on areas such as mitigation of climate change gases, forestry, and conducting practical workshops for farmers to teach them more sustainable practices.

One innovation currently showing particular promise was deep rooted legumes in pasture, which have a lower emissions profile.

What we need to focus on now is actually getting farmers to pick up and make those practice changes.

The review also suggested some other areas that need to be improved over the next decade, highlighting a need for greater education of rural professionals as well as farmers.

Listen to the the full interview with Neil Williams above.

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