Parliament lacking in MPs with rural experience - research

Rural Exchange 03/11/2018

A study has found that only 11 of Parliament’s 121 MPs have experience in the agricultural sector.

Nine of these MPs are from National, one from Labour, and one from New Zealand First.

The Prime Minister visiting a farm in October. Photo: Getty.

According to the research conducted by Blackland PR, none of the Green Party MPs have worked in the rural sector.

Mark Blackham, a director for Blackland PR, says politics is not an attractive line of work for everyday New Zealanders.

"I think politics is a less fun place for people. If you can have a quiet life and earn enough money you might as well stay out of politics," Mr Blackham told RadioLIVE.

"There's a lesser desire to do your civic duty for New Zealand [than there was 100 years ago]."

"Politics should be a place for the public, for New Zealanders, for everybody."

Watch the full interview with Mark Blackham above.

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