Dairy and beef sectors agree on costs of M bovis eradication

Rural Exchange 09/12/2018

This week the dairy and beef farming sectors finally agreed on how their share of the M.bovis eradication programme will be shared.

When the programme was announced earlier in the year, Government agreed to fund 68% the remaining 32 percent is split between dairy and beef farmers.

It has taken some time to settle on the share, and Dairy NZ chairman Jim van der Poel says this is because of a disagreement with Beef + Lamb NZ.

"We had a different view about how we should divide the cost, and so we got an independent panel to look at it for us."

"We both pitched our case for the way the split should work, and they came back with a recommendation," Mr van der Poel says.

"Both parties went into those discussions in good faith, so we've abided by that ruling and it's just time to get onto it."

Watch the full interview with Jim van der Poel above.

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