MPI ruling around hemp feeding 'incompetent' - NZ hemp grower

Rural Exchange 03/12/2018

The Ministry for Primary Industries has made an announcement this week that the feeding of iHemp to any animal is in breach of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act.

The New Zealand hemp industry is calling this a 'contradictory message' from the same department that just changed regulations earlier this month to allow hemp seed for human consumption.

This is not what a competent organisation does

Members chair for the NZ Hemp Industries Association Tom Welch says the general reaction was one of shock.

"We were a little bit blindsided by this and left scratching our heads," Mr Welch says.

"MPI is saying this could impact on our export market around the world [in] countries where hemp is prohibited.

"They couldn't actually give us any data on that because they don't know anything, they're just assuming that this is going to be an issue.

"This is not what a competent organisation does."

Fielding hemp famrer Jenny Ridd described the plant as needing a 'powerpole sized joint' to get anyone high, in reference to the insignificant amount of THC in the plant.

Richard Loe wondered how many lamb chops it would take toget high if hemp was fed to animals, and the answer is - it would be impossible.

Watch the full interview with Tom Welch above.

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