Self employment, simplified

Sunday Social 27/05/2018
Credit: File.

Fear of tax is a thing of the past.

Co-founder of Hnry James Fuller joins Vaughn Davis to discuss the financial service that takes all the hassle and stress out of being self-employed.

Roughly 400,000 kiwis are registered as self-employed and with the rise of contingent and casual work, Hnry is incredibly useful.

Hnry takes the paper-based stuff away so that those self-employed can stay focussed on their services.

Upon signing up to Hnry you get access to a bank account which is strictly controlled, providing some of the advantages of employment by handling all your taxes behind the scenes.

“We make sure people are paying as they go so that tax isn’t something of concern”, Mr Fuller says.

It can be very difficult to know how much tax you should expect to pay and tax responsibilities can really sting when the time comes.  

The service makes it easy to stay compliant within working independently. 

Listen to the full audio with James Fuller above.

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