Apps of the Week: Raspberry Pi, Measure

Sunday Social 24/06/2018
Credit: File.

Apparently the local bakery isn't the only place you can find Raspberry Pi...

Peeyosh Chandra joins Vaughn Davis to talk the latest apps of the week: Raspberry Pi, Firefox and 'Measure'.

PC baked a Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that can run a basic operating system inside You can plug it into your TV and connect USB devices to it.

They get as big as a large matchbox. They are used to make media servers, baby monitors, home automating systems or streaming servers.

But a really interesting thing happens when you hook it up to an artificial intelligence engine. 

IBM has written a library that allows you to connect to their artificial intelligence engine using the Raspberry Pi. Mr Chandra explains what it’s like to connect the world’s smallest, cheapest computer to the world’s biggest, most powerful super computer at a cost of 15 cents an hour.

Vaughn put the Raspberry Pi to work in his car monitoring traffic on his home network because he has a number of smart devices. What he discovered was quite surprising.

Apple Maps gets ahead of itself with Transmission Gully

Apple Maps is showing Wellington’s Transmission Gully two years ahead of its scheduled opening.

App of the year – Firefox

It is designed to protect your privacy and saves your battery! Mr Chandra explains why he thinks we should go back to Firefox.

Android Messages takes texts to the desktop

Google is introducing a converged messaging system for texts to desktop.

Apple to introduce Measure

Apple has killed the tape measure by announcing a new core iPhone app which will allow measurement of real world objects through the phone’s camera.

Listen to the full audio with Peeyosh Chandra above.

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