Mobile moments, real rewards

Sunday Social 18/06/2018
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Brands and companies can now give real world rewards for in-game achievements with a breakthrough in app mobile advertising platform.

Canadian internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Kiip, Brian Wong joins Vaughn Davis to discuss the platform that has 100 million users globally.

Kiip’s website explains that the app “uses a proprietary ‘moments’ methodology to create meaningful customer interactions and generate highly targeted, custom audiences”

Annoying mobile advertising can lead you to dislike a brand and its publisher.

Exiting advertising pop-ups traditionally can be much like “swatting flies”, Vaughn says.

Working with 10,000 apps from Sweatcoin to WebMD, Kiip collaborates with app developers who want to respect these experiences and align to the moment users are experiencing with brands.

Mr Wong tells Vaughn about how and why Kiip came into being at the age of 19.

Listen to the full audio with Brian Wong above.

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