Seniors teaching seniors technology and computing

Sunday Social 24/06/2018
Credit: File.

‘The older we get, the more useful technology becomes useful to us’.

Grant Sidaway, National Coordinator for SeniorNet joins Vaughn Davis to discuss the community training network helping seniors adapt to the ever-changing technology world.

SeniorNet is designed to support and motivate people aged 50+ to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives.

Starting from an idea out of research conducted by San Francisco University 27 years ago, SeniorNet was born. The research found that seniors 50+ would be significantly disadvantaged in the upcoming technology age.

The idea being that “seniors teach seniors”, says Mr Sidaway.

SeniorNet takes the embarrassment out of the learning process. With 70 learning centres throughout New Zealand running structured sessions in a step-by step fashion, things are kept as social, friendly and informal as possible.

All tutors at SeniorNet are volunteers and active within the community. The useful service is non-commercial, inclusive and accessible to all seniors.

A non-stressful environment at SeniorNet allows the gap to be bridged by addressing technology challenges and giving people the confidence and security to use modern day systems.

Listen to the full audio with Grant Sidaway above.

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