Apps of the week: Scams and brands

Sunday Social 16/07/2018
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Anna Connell joins Vaughn Davis talking apps of the week.

WeTransfer scam warning

WeTransfer is a file transfer site commonly used by businesses to share files too big for email, like videos.

NZ email users this week have been inundated with emails from other NZ businesspeople supposedly telling them they have a file waiting for them on WeTransfer

The files are usually zipped and could contain anything… but nothing good!

When Vaughn emailed the address back I got a garbled email saying yes the person had sent me a file… but it wasn’t someone he’d ever contacted.

Remember to never open a link to a file from an unknown source.

Stand by for more Art and Matildas… Facebook is getting its partner on

Facebook wants to help connect brands to creators so they can work out sponsored content and product placement deals, even if the conglomerate   won’t be taking a cut.

 Confirming our scoop from May, Facebook today launched its Brand Collabs Manager.

It basically acts as a search engine that brands can use to browse different web celebrities based on the demographics of their audience and portfolios of their past sponsored content.

What will this mean to us as users?

School holidays… get Geocaching

There’s a new and free app for android and ios that sends you on a treasure hunt around any neighbourhood

The app shows the rough location on a map and has a description of a cache.

The cache is usually a small plastic container, sometimes with trinkets to swap, but the main aim is to find them.

The app started in 2000, and has more than 3 million caches in 190 countries. There are currently 30,000+ users in NZ alone.

Wet weather activity: HQ Trivia

This app allows you to play against other users in a giant online trivia quiz and win cash!

It’s free for ios and android. The game offers one game a day, with hundreds of thousands of players all competing to win $5000.

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