Apps of the Week: Robot burgers, Crown

Sunday Social 09/07/2018
Credit: File.

Anna Connell joins Vaughn Davis talking apps of the week.

Science says we are what we tweet

Twitter surfaces who you are before you meet them- both Anna and Vaughn have got jobs off the site.

The University of Bristol analysed 7 billion words from 800 million tweets. Turns out we are most analytical early in the morning. The evenings reveal a more emotional and existential outlook.

Robot burgers!

A company in California has put millions of dollars of start-up funds towards making a burger-making robot.

Good idea? Waste of technology? Anna prefers “a little bit of hand dirt”.

Google 'Measure' measures up to iOS ‘Measure’

The app has the march on Apple which will allow measurement of real world objects through the phone’s camera.

Curiosity app: “learn something new”

The education app that promises everyday you’ll learn something new- an ecosystem which feeds you knowledge on a daily basis.

New app 'Crown' from Tinder turns dating into a game

At midday, Crown brings sixteen personalised matches forward. You have to approve finalist couples until a final match is ‘crowned’.  Vaughn describes it as “Survivor: the dating edition”.

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