Playing the business game

Sunday Social 09/07/2018
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Last month saw local game developers ‘Grinding Gear Games’ sell their business for 100 million to Chinese technology company 'Tencent'.

In light of this, Michael Vermuelen, chairman of New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA) joins Vaughn Davis to discuss the growing gaming world in NZ.

It’s the fastest growing creative industry in New Zealand.

“…The games we make do really well internationally”, he says.

New Zealand gaming audiences take interest in genres across the spectrum, from violent action to education and nature games.

Game developers classify whether games target their appropriate audiences.

Business models for gaming have changed over time with games being much more accessible- the biggest area of sales tends to be online.

The gaming industry is heavily male with a slim 17% of females working behind the scenes.

Mr Vermuelen explains that increased diversity is on the horizon making for more diverse game creation.

Mr Vermuelen and Vaughn discuss the nature of the changing industry and NZGDA’s role.

Listen to the full audio with Michael Vermuelen above.

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