Facebook is trying to 'boost your business'

Sunday Social 29/07/2018
Credit: Getty.

Steve Adams joins Vaughn to discuss Facebook’s new investment to boost businesses in regional New Zealand.

The provincially targeted scheme, labelled ‘boost you business’ has a focus on small parts of NZ and aims to help kiwi’s use Facebook to market their businesses.

Vaughn describes Steve’s work as “going town to town like a travelling salesman”

Does this work?

The program Steve is marketing involves them heading to a town, talking to local businesses, councils etc. and getting a conversation going.

Facebook’s investment scheme involves making videos and doing workshops for clients etc. to promote local businesses and using the business tools that the social media entity can offer to get your business up and running.

The scheme wants to promote working as a community to boost businesses for local kiwis.

Listen to the full interview with Steve Adams above.

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