Apps of the Week: Ransomware comes to the Naki?

Sunday Social 06/08/2018
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Paul Brislen joins Vaughn Davis talking apps of the week.

Ransomware comes to the Naki

A hacker has caused digital havoc at Hawera High School.

On Monday teachers arrived at school to find a message on the computer system, demanded $5,000 ransom in bitcoin. The chair of the school's board of trustees Phil Nixon says it is causing huge disruption.

Files that were scrambled in a ransomware attack on Hawera High School in Taranaki included school assessments that students had only partly completed as well as backups.

LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements

LinkedIn has added a new feature.

The way LinkedIn endorsements work is that you first need to list something as a skill on your profile in order for someone else to endorse you for it.

Huawei overtakes Apple in smartphone shipments

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei is now the second biggest smartphone manufacturer and has overtaken Apple. 

Huawei shipped 54.2 million smartphones this quarter, where as Samsung shipped 71.5 million and Apple 41.3 million.

BNZ Convert It avoids post holiday visa bill shock

We’ve all been there… in a shop in china and wondering if 30,000 yuan is a good price for a teapot.

This app lets you point your phone at a price tage and see the price magically turn into NZD (ignoring credit card exchange fees).

It's free and you don’t need to be a BNZ customer.

Terms and conditions are 10,000 words long and it seems to have a bazillion currencies available and it has an auto detect feature.

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