Apps of the Week: Dick Smith is angry

Sunday Social 09/09/2018
Credit: Genkan/Youtube.

 Paul Brislen joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

Maori Language Week 

Learn Maori by Lifelight

The app is free for Android and just does vocab. It shows you a thing and its maori name and you type in English. Then after 25 or so switches to English and you type maori.

Some useful words to know

  • ipurangi means internet (source or stream)
  • pae pāpāho pāpori means social media papaho = to broadcast, papori means public or social
  • taupānga means app
  • tohumarau means hashtag?

It’s all over for Trade Me again

Nocnoc is an app that promises to “connect people who provide something to those people looking for something”.

Wait, isn’t that Google? And Trade Me? And Tindr?

Vaughn didn’t manage to try it as it spiralled into a funnel of permissions and password resets.

Dick Smith is angry

Wotif, Trivago and are killing Mudgee.

If you want to know why Mr Smith is so grumpy check out the video below.

Typing game is the new Fortnite?        

Move over, Mavis Beacon.

Vaughn wasn’t allowed to take typing at Hutt Intermediate so his speed is a measly 60wpm.

Redemption is here though in the shape of Nitro Typing.

It’s a racing game that pits you against 5 other online users at a time from all over the world.

When the flag drops you start typing the sentences that appear on the screen in front of you and the faster you type (error free) the faster your car goes.

Parents have been telling Vaugh this is taking off at schools around the country… could be worse I guess!

Check it out here.

To hear about all of the other hottest apps of the week, listen to the audio with Paul Brislen above.

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