Apps of the Week: 50 million Facebook accounts hacked

Sunday Social 30/09/2018
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Peeyoosh Chandra joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

50 million Facebook accounts hacked

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25, a security issue was discovered, affecting almost 50 million accounts.

Here's the statement. "[It's] clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted 'View As', a feature that lets people see what their own profile looks like to someone else. This allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens which they could then use to take over people’s accounts."

That's right, almost 50 million accounts were vulnerable to this attack.

As for how many were actually exploited? 


  • Do a Device Audit

    The best way to determine whether someone has gained improper access to your account is to do an audit of the devices that you have used to log into Facebook.

    On Facebook’s Security and Login page, under the tab labeled “Where You’re Logged in,” you can see a list of devices that are signed into your account, as well as their locations.

    If you see an unfamiliar gadget or a device signed in at an odd location, you can click the “Remove” button to boot the device out of your account.
  • Change Your Password

    Facebook says that because it has fixed the vulnerability, there is no need to change your account password.

    But to be extra safe, you probably should anyway — especially if you use a weak password or saw any suspicious devices logged into your accounts.
  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

    Like many sites, Facebook offers a security feature called two-factor authentication.

    It involves text messaging a unique code to your phone that you must type in after entering your password.

    This way, even if someone gained access to your password, it would be difficult to log in without that code. 

Visual shopping makes it all too easy

If you’re on Android you might see a new “eye” icon top left in your camera app.

Tap it and activate Amazon visual shopping. The app recognises what you’re looking at then finds some for sale on Amazon. I tried art prints, guitar, kitchen items and it nailed them every time… even the exact watch I own

Also looked for Google Lens which uses similar tech but for some reason can’t quite find it again… whacky!

No more graph paper, here comes Floor Plan Creator

This app makes creating a floor plan or your current or imagined house super quick and easy

And it allows 3D walk through.

Speaking of IKEA, here’s IKEA or Death

Can you tell the difference between an Ikea product name and a death metal band? Well now there’s a game!

Check it out here.

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