Apps of the Week: What's in an All Black's wee?

Sunday Social 16/09/2018
Credit: Photosport.

Anna Connell joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

What’s in an All Black’s wee?

Well, a lot apparently.

Mounir Zok, the world-leading sports technology expert is here this week for a biomechanics conference at AUT. 

Zok believes integrated technology holds the key to sports next advances.

High-tech firms were well down the route of developing smart textiles that could feed information immediately to smartphones to demonstrate how bodies were reacting to their environment.

New iPhone price list

Official prices come out next week - but here is what Anna believes they'll go for.

  • XS max – big screen, e-sim $2099-$2799
  • XS… fancy but no big screen $1899-$2599
  • XR… the colourful one (red! Coral! Only one camera!) $1399-$1699

Here are things you could also buy with $2799

  • A tidy 1996 Nissan Bluebird on Trade Me
  • 430 Big Macs
  • Electricity for a year
  • 700 flat whites
  • A dozen avocados

Google Art Selfies connect you to the world of art

This is THE most popular feature of the Google Arts and Culture app and is now available outside US.

You can now download the free app then select Art Selfie.

Take a selfie and the app will search the gazillions of images Google has stored to find the one most like you.

Listen to the full interview with Anna Connell above.

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