Apps of the week: Lime scooters have landed

Sunday Social 22/10/2018
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Julien Waters joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

Lime scooters are here

Flocks of green electric scooters have popped up all over Auckland this week and Vaughn gave one a test drive today.

To use the Lime scooters you download the app, enter your credit card details and check the map to see nearby scooters and their remaining charge / range (up to 27km).

Then, you can leave the scooter wherever.

At night, contractors scoop them up and take them home to charge, reportedly being paid $7/scooter to do that.

They’re not cheap though – the scooters cost $1 to unlock then 30c a minute, although you can cover some good ground at up to 27kmh.

Vaughn's first impression was that they’re really well built and the system works well.

The scooters would be ideal for a quick city trip, however they could get very pricey for a family outing along the waterfront for an icecream.

Huawei launches another phone but WAIT THIS IS PRETTY AMAZING

Vaughn just got back from the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 - and he reckons that while it’s impressive enough out of the box with a big bright screen and three very high quality Leica cameras, there are two features no other phone has ever offered.

1. On-screen fingerprint to unlock. Just touch the bottom of the screen to unlock the phone… no screen area lost to make space for fingerprint sensor

2. Two-way wireless charging. This means not only can you charge your phone by putting it on a wireless charging pad, you can also USE it as wireless charging pad if your iphone-owning mate is running low.

Vaughn's previous Huawei phones have had amazing battery life, so this sounds like a good way to use them.

The nwe Huawei goes on sale on the 2nd November for $1499.

High tech glasses block out all screens

You can get ad blockers for your internet browser but what about those pesky digital billboards that are everywhere?

IRL Glasses - Glasses that allow you to live IRL (In Real Life) and see everything except screens are on Kickstarter right now for USD49 and will retail for USD79.

The project goal was NZD $38,000 and it’s currently sitting at $140,000

The glasses are more of a statement than a serious product but a pretty popular one!

App of the week: Calculator – the game

This game is cool & challenging and great for the kids.

It shows a calculator interface, a target number and the number of key press operations to get there.

With a cute interface, this game is free for Android and iphone and very popular… there are even cheat and walk through sites!

To hear about all of the other hottest apps of the week, listen to the audio with Julien Waters above.

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