App hopes to make NZ Farming safer

Sunday Social 15/10/2018
Credit: Getty

Andrew Horsbrugh, FarmIQ Board member and Farmlands director of Agri-products joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to explore the new SafeFarm app.

The app aims to help make New Zealand’s farms the safest in the world.

Farmlands has teamed up with NZ’s most complete farm software, FarmIQ to create tools to help make Health and Safety management on farms more effective.

The app is completely free of charge for shareholders, and enables you to start your digital farming journey.

For more information check out the SafeFarm website here.

Farmlands plans to release another app to correspond with SafeFarm in late 2018, SafeVisit. SafeVisit will be a contract management tool.

Listen to the audio with Andre Hosbrugh above.

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