Apps of the Week: Google Drones

Sunday Social 09/12/2018
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Social media guru Peeyoosh Chandra joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

In Scandinavia: Google Drone delivery to launch

Wing, a drone delivery business owned by Google's parent company, said it'll launch in Europe in the spring of 2019, with the introduction of service in the Helsinki area of Finland.

Wing has spent the past 18 months testing drone deliveries in southeastern Australia, partnering with local businesses to deliver food, drinks, medicine and household items.

Wing says its drones run on clean electric power, fly emissions free, and allow small businesses to deliver to a lot of customers in a short time. It also says customers can get their goods delivered faster.

Here’s what the company is asking their future Finnish custoemrs:

What would you like delivered by Wing to your door in less than 10 minutes?

  • Over-the-counter medicine (such as painkillers)
  • Breakfast - I'm in a rush to get to work
  • Groceries (toothpaste, washing powder etc.)
  • Lunch - I'm too busy at work to grab a bite to eat
  • Dinner - there's nothing in my fridge
  • "Emergency" essentials (such as diapers, an ice scraper for frozen car windows)

7yo YouTube toy reviewer really made $32m in one year

Ryan reviews toys. His YouTube channel is called Ryan ToysReview. He gets a toy, then you watch him play with it, then the next day it’s discarded for something new.

Watch it here.

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