Apps of the Week: Transit app getting you on the bus

Sunday Social 25/11/2018

Julien Waters joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

Botometer separates the humans from the robots

Are you really chatting to a human or just a few thousand lines of code? Researchers are here to help us (on Twitter at least) with Botometer.

The site analyses tweets and assesses traits of human and bot behaviour to give you a likelihood that you’re chatting to a human.

Higher scores out of 5 are more bot like. You can also analyse your followers and see detail of why the tool thinks they’re bots.

  • @simonemccallum 0.9
  • @vaughndavis 0.5
  • @communico 0.2
  • @paulbrislen 0.2
  • @annagconnell 0.1
  • @cateowen 0.1

Check it out here.

Transit app gets you on the buses

Cool little app that just does one thing – helps you catch buses and trains to get where you’re going.

Best of all, you don't need an account to sign in. The app is location based and includes real time bus tracking, and works currently in Auckland.

Enter your destination and it gives you beautifully laid out journey plans including which rides to take, when to walk, how long it will take. It will also alert you when you’re approaching your stop.

Works in heaps of cities worldwide so good for travelling too.

Listen to the full interview with Julien Waters above.

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