Insurance on an app?

Sunday Social 04/11/2018

Cove Insurance is shaking the insurance game, providing information and advice with a web and chat based platform.

Andy Coon, CEO and co-founder, explains what makes Cove Insurance different, and what drove him to create it.

Cove Insurance which has been live since August aims to make insurance better, simple and cost effective.

Mr Coon explains their customers wanted something they could easily use and didn’t have to deal with again.

He told RadioLIVE that people tend to not want to insure things "these days", so Cove Insurance decided to host a chat bot within Facebook messenger.

It’s a familiar platform that so that their clients feel comfortable when needing insurance.

To get to the chat box, users can click on a Cove Insurance advertisement which takes you to Facebook messenger and then the introduction chat starts.

Listen to the full interview with Andy Coon above.

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