What's the secret behind Germany's electric cars?

Sunday Social 09/12/2018
Credit: Getty.

To watch the ads you’d think electric vehicles were everywhere. In reality, uptake of the things is very low indeed, with only around 11,000 of New Zealand’s 3.4m passenger vehicles being plug and play.

The number one selling vehicle type here, in fact, couldn’t be further from the silent, non polluting EV… it’s the double cab ute.

It’s a different story in Norway where they don’t have nearly as many Fords in the fjords and in fact, have the highest proportion of electric vehicles in the world at 40 percent.

Christina Bu is Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle (EV) Association. She joins Vaughn Davis to discuss exactly how electric vehicles work, and their future impact on the world.

She additionally looks at what motivates someone to buy an EV, and how Europe has been making them work.

Listen to the full interview with Christina Bu above.

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