Apps of the Week: Virtual restaurants are here?

Sunday Social 16/12/2018
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Social media guru Julien Waters joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

Virtual restaurants are 'here'

Auckland restaurateur Jasper Maignot, founder of Royal Oak eatery Happy Boy, operates a standard restaurant, but he gets as many as 180 additional orders each week, thanks to three virtual restaurants he operates just to trade on Uber Eats.

Maignot says the appeal of launching Donburi Fury, Thunder Burger and Kimchi Power as virtual restaurants was being able to use the resources already available in the physical restaurant: manpower, and products already on site which could be cooked in different ways.

Vaughn found this when he tried to Google Hot Lips, a fried chicken place on P Rd that doesn’t really exist.

Also, restaurants could be completely demand driven… find out what people are searching for in an area then provide it.

Uber Eats releases its annual stats and it’s rich in WTF

The numbers give us a window into our souls… is NZ really the foodie paradise we like to think it is?

  • #1 ordered item: Butter Chicken
  • Most expensive order: $870 from Wendy’s
  • Most searched for item is burgers
  • Most common request is “no onion”
  • #1 order after midnight is a Big Mac Combo

NZ branch of ComBank to launch Apple Pay

NZ subsidiary of Australian owned Commonwealth Bank ASB has announced it will finally offer Apple Pay, launched in 2014.

The platform allows contactless payments from your iphone or Apple Watch at anywhere offering Paywave.

BNZ launched the platform in October 2017. ANZ has offered it since 2016.

Listen to the full interview with Julien Waters above.

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