Doc Edge: Big in Japan explores the dark side of fame

The AM Show 24/05/2018

After hearing of huge demand for foreign talent in Japan, David Elliot Jones an ‘ordinary’ person went to have a look himself.

Mr Jones, co-director of the Doc Edge film, Big in Japan talks to Duncan Garner about his exploration of fame and fortune in a culture vastly different from his own. 

His documentary 'Big in Japan' explores why Japan is so fascinated with westerners and will be screening at the Doc Edge festival in Auckland.

Mr Jones says he wanted to explore fame, from an ordinary person’s perspective, and complete some daring tasks to see what it was like.

He claims there are two sides to fame, online fame and traditional fame… but that it all has a dark side.

Watch the full interview with David Elliot Jones above.

Credit. Big in Japan's Lachlan McLeod Doc Edge Festival 2018

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