Homeowners should be consulted over new state houses – Richardson

The AM Show 23/05/2018

Homeowners should be consulted over state housing entering their area out of “respect” for taxpayers, argues Mark Richardson.

“I don’t think that’s fair on taxpayers who are helping pay for this.”

The AM Show host’s comments come after David Seymour came under fire for sending a letter to his constituents warning against mentally ill state housing tenants would have on the wealthy Auckland suburb of Epsom.

“I screwed myself to the wall to get into the eastern suburbs of Auckland,” Richardson says.

He remarked that Housing Minister Phil Twyford shouldn’t be able to suddenly put state housing near his own home without at least a consultation.

“I have a right to have my house and have my mote and protect that.”

Richardson says if state housing was built in his area, it could lower the value of his home. Instead, he would prefer the housing go in “appropriate areas”.

Co-host Amanda Gillies countered his controversial statement, asking him what he deems “appropriate”.

“I’m happy to pay as much tax as it takes to ensure that those areas are built.”

“But what’s deemed appropriate,” Gillies reiterates? “What is deemed appropriate for you?”

"We have to build houses, we have to build them somewhere," Duncan Garner says. "If not in Epsom, then where?"

Richardson said Glen Innes was more appropriate.

“[Glenn Innes], there are some great areas around my area, just over the hill in [Glen Innes]. There are some fantastic areas that are being developed right now which are comfortable, warm, and dry.”

Watch the full commentary with Mark Richardson above.

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