Indian politician Shashi Tharoor on colonisation, his wife’s death

The AM Show 18/05/2018

The former top UN diplomat and best-selling author turned MP for India's main opposition joined The AM Show for an exclusive interview.

As high profile politician, Mr Tharoor has been outspoken in his fight for Britain to apologise to India for reducing it to “a poster child for third world poverty”.  

He told The AM Show that Britain needs to face up to the “realities of what they’ve done” over 200 years.

“What I really want, as I said at the Auckland Writers Festival yesterday, is a simply sorry.”

The AM Show host Amanda Gillies cuts to the chase by asking Mr Tharoor about the allegations made against him in India in the past week.

Police in Delhi have recommended charges against Mr Tharoor for abetting what they say was his wife’s alleged suicide in 2014.

Mr Tharoor addresses the allegations by saying there is “no evidence whatsoever” of foul play, murder or suicide involved in his wife’s death.

He told The AM Show the he has publicly told the media that such claims are “preposterous”.

“There is no basis for such speculation.”

Mr Tharoor is in the country to speak at the Auckland Writers Festival.

Watch the full interview with Shashi Tharoor above. 

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