Doc Edge film showcases solar-powered world flight

The AM Show 25/05/2018

Soaring at 28,000 feet without a drop of fuel, nothing is predictable.

A new documentary called The Point of No Return looks at the first solar-powered flight around the world aboard the aircraft Solar Impulse.

Filmmakers Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader are in New Zealand ahead of screenings at the Doc Edge Festival in Auckland and spoke to Duncan Garner.

The aircraft is made of paper-thin carbon fibre and fabric, weighs about the same as a family car, and has a wingspan of a 747 jet.

The goal of the pilots was “to show the world was is possible with clean technology.”

A flight like this has never been done before in all of aviation history.

Of course the pilots faced some hardships along the way, during an unplanned landing in Japan the crew were forced to physically hold the plane on the runway when bad weather came and there were no hangars available.

Needless to say it wasn’t always a comfortable flight.

A single pilot would be in the plane for up to five days, they would only get about 20 minutes of sleep at a time to prevent being too groggy to control the plane.

During a flight the battery of the plane would be down to about 10% battery by the end of the night.

The Point of No Return is playing at Doc Edge Festival in Auckland, click here for more information

Watch the full interview with Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader above.

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