‘I’ve been going blind’: Patrick Gower goes public about glaucoma

The AM Show 29/06/2018

Newshub’s national correspondent Patrick Gower has gone public with his glaucoma diagnosis in order to help others save their eyesight.

Gower got laser surgery after glaucoma was detected in his eyesight early last year. Just over three weeks ago, he was told by his specialist that the glaucoma has stopped spreading.

“I’ve been able to stop the glaucoma in its tracks… I’ve managed to save my sight.

“The reason I’m going public today is I’m hoping that other people can save their sight too,” he told The AM Show.

I’ve managed to save my sight.

According to Glaucoma NZ, glaucoma is the name given to a group of related diseases where the optic nerve is being damaged. The nerve fibres progressively die taking away the peripheral or side vision first. Loss of vision goes undetected until it is quite advanced.

Eye specialists managed to detect the glaucoma during several exams for an unrelated eye injury. Without the exams, Gower’s glaucoma could’ve caused blindness within ten years.

“It’s the silent thief of sight. If you have it, there are no symptoms. It doesn’t hurt, there’s no pain, and you don’t notice any noticeable loss of vision.”

Gower has partnered with Glaucoma NZ as an ambassador in order to spread awareness.

“There’s 45,000 people out there who have glaucoma and don’t know about it.”

About Glaucoma New Zealand

Glaucoma NZ is a charitable trust that relies on public donations, sponsorship, grants and fundraising. It is not funded by the Government. The trust aims to eliminate blindness from glaucoma through: supporting research in New Zealand, raising public awareness, supporting people with glaucoma and providing education for health professionals.

For more information phone 0800 452 826, email info@glaucoma.org.nz or visit www.glaucoma.org.nz

Watch the full interview with Patrick Gower above.

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