Acting PM Winston Peters fails to show up on The AM Show

The AM Show 26/06/2018

Winston Peters has missed his Tuesday morning appointment with the AM Show after failing to arrive on time for the second week in a row.

Mr Peters is currently Acting Prime Minister while Jacinda Ardern takes six weeks off following the birth of her daughter Neve on June 21.

As part of his duties he is filling in for Ms Ardern at her regular interviews, including the weekly Tuesday at 6:40am spot on the AM Show.

Mr Peters was due to arrive at the Beehive theatrette at 6:20, but he didn't get there on time, and was still not there at 6:40.

Host Duncan Garner was not surprised.

"I've had a bit to do with Mr Peters over the years, usually late at night, which means that I always knew he was never going to be there in the morning," he said.

"He's not a morning person."

Garner went on to say the show is taking a stand on Mr Peters' tardiness and he won't be invited on for the next few weeks.

Somebody else can front for the Government on the show, provided they're on time.

"We will look for someone else thanks very much," Garner said, later in the show.

Neither of the other hosts were happy with the Acting PM, host Amanda Gillies pointing out Jacinda Ardern was able to turn up to her weekly interview on time while heavily pregnant.

"He has this one job, every week, it was agreed to. I just think it's insulting and it's actually rude if you don't want to do it say no or fill it with someone else," she said.

Mark Richardson used Ms Ardern's own words to describe Mr Peters conduct, calling the no shows and lateness unacceptable.

"It's disrespectful to others and I'm sorry it's unacceptable in this day and age to have a Prime Minister who is disrespectful to the good people of this country," he said.

"That's what he's doing."

Winston Peters has been approached for comment.

Watch the full commentary above.

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