My Food Bag says German company 'bullying' them over marketing

The AM Show 26/06/2018

The founder and director of My Food Bag says her company is being "bullied" by a German corporation.

My Food Bag has been threatened with legal action over their use of the word 'hello'.

The New Zealand meal subscription service received a cease and desist letter from HelloFresh, a German multi-national corporation, ordering them to stop using the common greeting in marketing.

My Food Bag currently uses the phrase 'Hello Fresh' in their communications with customers for weight loss product range Fresh Start with Nadia.

Cecelia Robinson told The AM Show they're not too concerned by the threat.

"It's very pedantic, it's a little bit anal. We feel like it's bullying to be honest."

Ms Robinson insists My Food Bag never copied HelloFresh and so they decided to "basically" tell them to stick it.

"Of course we'd heard of them but we didn't think they'd take an interest in us in New Zealand.

"We take it seriously, but at the same time we're not idiots, we've had legal advice. We're using 'hello' in the descriptive way and we're not going to be bullied," Ms Robinson said.

Along with a cheeky return letter, My Food Bag sent Hello Fresh their very own 'Hello, Fresh Start' pack.

Ms Robinson says the company has used the word 'hello' in its marketing since launching in 2013.

Watch the full interview with Cecila Robinson above.

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