Duncan Garner apologises to Acting PM Winston Peters

The AM Show 01/08/2018

It's Winston Peters' final day as Acting Prime Minister, and in good spirit, he has accepted Duncan Garner's apology on The AM Show.

"To be fair Duncan, I do," said Mr Peters when Garner asked if he had accepted his apology.

As part of his duties Mr Peters had been filling in for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at her regular interviews, including the weekly 6:40am Tuesday spot on the AM Show.

Mr Peters was due to arrive at the Beehive theatrette at 6:20am, but he didn't get there on time, and was still not there at 6:40am for his interview with the programme.

But a spokesperson for Mr Peters said he was with the camera team and ready for the interview at 6:45am, five minutes after he was supposed to go to air.

Mr Peters said his being late wasn't his fault or Garner's fault, but that of "upstairs". He said he "wasn't late but seven minutes early", arguing it was scheduling a mistake made by the Prime Minister's office.

"But that's okay - that's yesterday's story," said Mr Peters.

At the time, Garner said the show was taking a stand on Mr Peters' tardiness and that he wouldn't be invited on for the next few weeks.

But Garner admitted on Wednesday he "did jump out there in haste."

Watch the full exchange between Duncan Garner and Winston Peters above.

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