Lawyer says Taser death victim likely one of the 'vulnerable'

The AM Show 05/07/2018

A lawyer says the man who died after being tasered by police on Sunday after he was caught allegedly assaulting an elderly victim was likely part of a vulnerable group.

Marie Dyhrberg told The AM Show the Taser can be an appropriate tool for police in a dangerous situation - when used appropriately.

"We knew it was going to happen at some stage," she said.

"I agree with you a Taser should be part of the police use of force resources - it is better than just having no other option than pull a gun and shoot someone."

Ms Dyhrberg said there was a vulnerable group though - people with mental health issues or on drugs where a Taser can interfere with their heart.

Police use of Tasers is subject to guidelines and Ms Dyhrberg told The AM Show this incident will be investigated to make sure the use of force was appropriate.

"It will be very seriously scrutinised and so it should. Whether or not the guidelines were complied with is something the investigation will scrutinise," she said.

Most people stop when a Taser is withdrawn, but Ms Dyhrberg says the fact the person who died did not means they were likely one of the vulnerable group susceptible to tasering.

"The vulnerable people are the ones who are beyond comprehending, they cannot see or perceive the situation as it is and whatever world they're living in, it's fight or flight or whatever," she said.

Watch the full interview above.

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