Mark Richardson gets called out for ‘mansplaining’

The AM Show 31/07/2018

RadioLIVE host Wendyl Nissen interrupted the panel on The AM Show to call Mark Richardson out for “mansplaining” motoring basics to her.

Nissen, who was on the show’s Tuesday panel, explained that she goes through tyres quickly and wishes they were cheaper than petrol.

But as the topic turned to petrol prices, Richardson quickly chimed in to give Nissen a piece of advice for her tyre troubles.

“If you’re going through tyres, can I suggest check your wheel alignments and also check the inflations because you shouldn’t be going through tyres more than anyone else,” he said.

“Thanks for mansplaining that to me,” Nissen said, looking at Richardson.

“That’s my pleasure there, Wendyl,” Richardson responded, and then carries on about Auckland's regional fuel tax.

Duncan Garner later brought up Richardson’s advice. “Mark’s right about your tyres,” he told Nissen.

“I know this, don’t mansplain me about my tyres!” Nissen responds to Garner.

“Are you offended at the double mansplain?” Garner adds.

Nissen clarified that she did a valve grind at age 16, and is well versed in the basics of car maintenance.

“Don’t you tell me how to keep my tyres inflated.”

Mansplaining is an informal term to describe when someone, typically a woman, is given advice in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising.

Watch the full panel with Wendyl Nissen and James McGlinn above.

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