Staggering number of submissions received on Zero Carbon Bill

The AM Show 19/07/2018

The Government will have a lot of reading to do after receiving a flood of submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill.

Around 10,000 people and organisations have expressed their view on the proposed 2050 carbon-neutral target.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says it is a staggering response.

"On average I think we get about 500 submissions - this is about 20 times our average."

The public consultation has focused on the direction the Zero Carbon Act will go, particularly whether a new emissions reduction target for 2050 should treat all gases that cause climate change the same.

In June, Mr Shaw told RadioLIVE’s Rural Exchange that public opinion doesn’t necessarily need to be backed by scientific evidence, as the Government wants to hear different perspectives.

Mr Shaw says there is general belief that people want the ambitious 2050 target.

"They know that it's going to be more challenging for some sectors, therefore the Government has a responsibility to target our policies towards those sectors that are going through a greater level of transition than others."

Final submissions close at 5pm Thursday.

"The Zero Carbon Bill is designed to set a framework for the next 30 years for our economy - it's sufficiently significant that I think every Kiwi should have their say on it," Mr Shaw told The AM Show in June, when consultation began.

Watch the full interview with James Shaw above.

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