Thai rescuers have 48 hours to rescue boys' football team

The AM Show 04/07/2018

A journalist on the ground says rescuers are racing against time to try and get a Thai football team out of the cave they have been trapped in for nearly two weeks.

The 12 teenage boys and their coach are facing up to four months waiting for rescue in the cave if the flood waters do not recede enough for them to get out.

But Asia correspondent Jonathan Miller told The AM Show the weather is going to play a major part in the rescue.

Its forecast to rain in Thailand on Wednesday (local time) and the monsoon season is on its way - bringing weeks of heavy rain.

"There will be torrential through flow right into that cavern system and it will be impossible to get out like that," Mr Miller said.

According to Mr Miller the next 48 hours are critical. If the boys can't get out by then, rescue teams will be forced to leave them there.

Rescuers would put in a platform and send divers back and forth the whole time to keep them supplied with food and batteries.

The BBC reports two Thai navy doctors have volunteered to stay with the boys until the waters recede.