How are Māori represented on-screen?

The AM Show 03/08/2018

Merata Mita, pioneering Māori filmmaker and international champion of women in indigenous film broke the glass ceiling for Māori when it came to the film industry. 

Her son Hepi Mita, and Kiwi acting legend Cliff Curtis join The AM Show to discuss Mita’s film playing at the NZIFF, Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen.

Mr Mita along with his siblings has created this film in remembrance to his mother, who was well known as being the first, and only Maori woman to have written and directed a feature film solely.

“There’s so much to this woman we don’t know anything about,” Mr Curtis says, and describes her as a true revolutionary.

The social conditions that his mother had to endure were the point that was being made and he wants us to start reflecting on who we are.

As a mum, she was very loving.

Mr Curtis fondly remembers “her integrity, her courage and her commitment to telling stories.”

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Watch the video with Hepi Mita and Cliff Curtis above. 

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